The Beat Demon

by Garrett Williamson

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Thomas King
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Thomas King TFW you love the entire album, but the last track is your you must listen to the whole thing entirely before you get there! Favorite track: How You Make Me Feel.
Sir J
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Sir J dem chords.. fo' real, though.. dem chords. and don't get me started on the BGV harmonies. beautiful T_T Favorite track: In Your Dreams.
Michael Birch
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Michael Birch There's so much to love about this album. While Garrett is still obviously maturing as a songwriter, the production and instrumentation are full and hard-hitting throughout the album. It's got shades of Michael Jackson's work (obviously a big influence), as well as a clear smattering of Sega game music influences. Worth the $5? I'd say absolutely!
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Garrett Williamson returns with his second album, bringing a more powerful and electronic sound compared to his debut album's--Edge of the Universe--more acoustic settings.

Two and a half years ago, near the release of Edge of the Universe, I began another music project. Almost immediately I knew what I was going to call it: The Beat Demon. One of my first ideas was "What if the Groove was a character?" The idea was then evolved into The Beat Demon as that character--almost an alter ego--of myself, Garrett Williamson. In fact I kind of compare it to Jekyll and Hyde. He's a bit darker, a bit snarky, and even kind of flirty. He's a little dangerous, but he never does any harm. His purpose is solely to bring the Groove to the world.

Compared to Edge of the Universe, this project is much more powerful, electronic, and considerably darker. Edge of the Universe was actually an experiment with more acoustic settings, while this project is a bit more of the real me, I would say.

This project is by far the largest project I've ever taken on and quite honestly is very close to my heart. This project has been a part of my life for over two and a half years. It's a crazy feeling to actually have this finally release to the entire world, whether or not it gains any attention at all. Making this album has really been a journey, and I've learned so much along the way. As of right now, I would say I'm not more proud of any project I've ever done as I am with The Beat Demon. My goal is to continue to improve and make music that I will love hearing, just like this entire album.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you... The Beat Demon.


released July 19, 2014

Produced by Garrett Williamson
Recorded by Garrett Williamson at Gar-Art Studios*†
Mixed by Garrett Williamson at Gar-Art Studios

Newswoman voice on “Prelude” by Tracie Owens
Guitars on “The Beat Demon” by Bennett Roach
Saxophone on “Terminate” by Joe Zieja
All other instruments and lead vocals by Garrett Williamson
Featured vocals on “Free” by Emma Rose Williamson

Album photo by Janis Williamson
Visual effects by Josiah Clark
Titles by Josiah Clark

*Outro piano/synths on “How You Make Me Feel” and piano on “The Nothing Song” recorded at The Carpal Tunnel
†Saxophone on “Terminate” recorded at Joe Zieja



all rights reserved


Garrett Williamson Nashville, Tennessee

Garrett Williamson is an indie Pop artist. He began writing his own music when he was around 7, and recorded his first song at the age of 10. Since then, Garrett has been writing and recording music. In Spring 2012, Garrett released his first public album called Edge of the Universe. Garrett recently released a new record titled The Beat Demon in July of 2014. ... more

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Track Name: Prelude
(newswoman voice) Breaking news.
A mysterious creature is found in the outskirts of Downtown Nashville.
Witnesses say this unknown creature strangely resembles an
American citizen by the name Garrett Williamson.
Although some of these abilities are unknown at this time,
reports say it possesses the Groove.
The facts are still coming in, but the latest we have is that the creature
dubs himself as The Beat Demon.
Track Name: The Beat Demon
I am immortal
I never die
And I am something
That you can't deny

You don't believe in me
I prove you wrong
Cuz you can't maintain
the rhythm in this song

Cuz your head is movin’
to my beat
Stop denyin’ about
tappin' your feet

You know you can feel it
You don't know it's me
Cuz I'm am the definition of

What did ya think? That you're here alone?
Cuz I'm right beside you
You don't know I'm here but I'm in the zone
And I've taken control too
Knock knock guess who
The Beat Demon (woo)

Plug it in
Make it loud
Sounds so illegal
That it's unalloyed

I make it dirty
I make it fat
Stereo is blown’
off your hat

Cuz I'm the puppeteer
You are the pawn
I keep the beat goin’
from dusk to dawn

You like the track
I'm glad you do
Cuz I got the bass and I got the beat
And now I've got control of you


It just controls you
It comes and takes you
You’re simply helpless
To the beat of the song

You just can’t stop it
You gotta have it
Feel it arising
It’s been waiting all along


Nothing’s so addicting
As a beat that’s brand new
Well I got the funk, yeah
It’s another thing I do

If you really love it
Then you’ll dance from dusk to dawn
If you truly want it
Then keep grooving on
Track Name: Terminate
(file Garrett Williamson for termination)

3:30 in the morning and they think that I am there
Cuz they just kept rappin’, I heard but I didn’t care
Threatened me that I better go ahead and back off now, I’ll be safe and sound
(they don’t believe it, can’t conceive it, so destroy it, don’t receive it)
Apparently they believe they can destroy me somehow
(yeah it’s dangerous and appealing, it gives one a decent feeling)

And I wanna see you try to reach to the other side of me
Cuz this is my history, rhythm and beat
And I wanna see you try to come and destroy all I am
Cuz I’m a legend to every degree, you can’t terminate me

Throwin’ insults at my face just to see, can you knock me down
It would mean the world to you if you saw my smile upside down
I apologize, I don’t mean to insult you, that’s rude of me
(you’re a liar, you’re a threat, you try to treat me like a pet)
I’m simply telling you what you’re doing that you’re too stupid to see
(yeah you don’t know how to listen, all these chances, ope you missed ‘em)


Jealousy has gotten to you, persuadin’ you to do what you don’t do
Cuz I know who I am and I question if you know that too
You can’t really seem to perceive, the magic I conceive
Yeah you really don’t appreciate what I give that you can receive
Track Name: Jealousy
She got her back against the wall
Pinned down by another boy
She looks sick and tired of it all
Cuz she won't be treated like a toy

She just wants to be alone
She don’t want to hear her phone
She just wants a man
That’ll care for her like none else can

And he fell in love with this girl and she's taken control of his world
And she's all that he’s thinking of, yeah he’s high with this mad love
It's not because she's so beautiful but cuz he really loves her for herself
Cuz if he liked her only for beauty then she’d never buy what he’d sell

(Jealousy) They're tryna make her move
(Jealousy) But no one’s got his groove
(Jealousy) They're tryna get her first
(Jealousy) But he don't take by coerce

She don't want those boys even if they think that she does
Because I know who she's after and it's not them and it never was
They try to take her out on a date, try to end up leaving late
But they don't know her desire, it's him that she really admires


She's got to cope with you men
She's got her gun, she'll count to ten
If you aren't gone, when she's at one
You better believe that's the end of your fun

CH 2:
They wanna stop him, stop him
But no one can top him, top him
It’s not that he’s so sexy
Just knows how to treat a girl correctly
Track Name: Free (feat. Emma Rose Williamson)
There's a place that I dream of
A place where I fell in love
With the hills and with the view
With the green and azure blue

Saturated with vividness
Made by God with diligence
Honestly there's innocence
In a vast place, so limitless

This is my whole dreamed up land
Follow me, just take my hand
Spread your wings and you will see
Together we can be free
You and me
Rolling hills without a fence
Such a place that's so immense
Blue skies never changing gray
It's a scene I can't convey

The calm ocean's saffire shade
Little river with a cascade
In the evening when the orange sun sets
Awaken the moon, a beauty I can't express

Track Name: Beat Driven
Well everyone’s tryna figure out where I came from
I don’t you think you understand
I’m a groovy abstract element
I’m not the supernatural or the man

I seem to pose as a threat to you
Cuz you’re tryna come after me, terminate me too
I’ve been here since the beginning of time
Rhythm and beat, meter and rhyme

The groove is what the groove was
It never changed and it never does
It’s a talent that’s given
Not everyone is so beat-driven

My heart beats fast and I’m breathin’ hard
(breath) Cuz it catches you off guard
Yeah it messes with you
Which is why you’re afraid of what it’s gonna do

Cuz it’s an addiction I can’t contain
You can’t get it from heroin or cocaine
Yeah it’s more irresistible than everything they want
It’s the groove’s little game

CH 2:
Can’t stop me, but drop me, go ahead and headbob to me
Can’t hurt me, touch me, cuz I’m beat-driven
Track Name: Backstage
Lights down, crowd screams, he’s off the stage
Tens of thousands came to see his face
Every girl’s got a crush on the freak
But he disguises all of his disgrace

Cuz he sings a song
Everyone sings along
But he’s not for real
He won’t let the truth unveil

Everyone in the world knows who he is
Crazy thing, he’s just sixteen
But no one knows what’s going on inside his head
Cuz when he’s backstage, that’s the end of his scene

All the girls wait for him behind the curtain
But none of it satisfies
He’s gotta act like he’s not hurtin’
He just wants to be alone sometimes

CH 1

CH 2:
Getting drunk, taking drugs, just to make it go away
But it never does, it always stays
Buying everything to keep himself happy
Cuz when he’s backstage, all the beauty decays
(Well I gotta tell you something. This song explains a lot of people. Just wanna say)
Don’t be that guy
Track Name: Daddy's Little Girl
Just touchin’, she's 14
He wants it, and he's 15
One second, nothing to see
One minute, they just can’t let it be

It’s her body, it’s not yours to take
Walk away, cuz this is something that will make or break
What isn't understood, we disrespect ourselves
Causin' trouble, that could've been withheld

Why can't we just wait some time (before we spoil it)
The amount of impatience is just sublime (can't we just foil it)

You're too scared that you will die before you have it
Well I assure you you'll be fine so don't get so desperate
I'm sick and tired of hearing you kids giving into this
Control yourself, don't ruin it all, just cuz it starts with a kiss

So you respect her
Cuz she ain't your property
I will have you know that
That ain't your body
You are hurting yourself
Don't go and ruin your world
Cuz remember you'll deal with Father
Cuz you know you're touchin' Daddy's little girl

Teen mother, got her boyfriend's kid
Reputation out the window, looked down on by what she did
Couldn’t take it, too hard to just resist
Had to do it, continued to persist

VB 2:
Don’t give yourself away too fast
We all want something that will last

Somebody else used to hold that hand
You weren’t here first, no no
And what you just don’t understand
You’re the prince but he’s the king to that woman

Just a little won't hurt
Cuz I'm telling' her I love her
Track Name: In Your Dreams
She says she’s a good, good girl
But she acts like a dirty man’s dream
She can take control of any boy’s world
But she ain’t even what she seems

Cuz she walks around town like she don’t have no pants
And every boy thinks he’s got a chance
Got the whole street lookin’ when she passes by
She’s grabbed the attention of every single guy

Deception’s written all over her face
Yet boys are always at her place

Cuz when she struts into the room
I can smell her perfume
It’s stuck on my jacket and my clothes
Can’t get it out of my nose

She flirts with every single boy
She treats herself like a toy
I’m sick and tired of her schemes
Get a real boy in your dreams

Supposedly gets arrested every day
I think the cops aren’t doing their work
She’s figured out how to get men to do what she say
But I’ll be honest, she’s seriously a jerk


Track Name: How You Make Me Feel
I can't feel myself
My body has gone numb all because of you
And you don't even mean it to
It's all your fault yet it's something you didn't do

And it’s horrible
Yet it's so perfect like heaven
And it's like a big huge burden
Cuz it's quite a weird obsession

I don't know what's wrong with me
But I hate and love it all the same
It's like the pain you want to feel
But I know for a fact that this ain't no game

I want you to stay with me
Cuz you're the thing that I was missing
Please, please, belong to me
Cuz you're so lovely, I want you that badly

That's how you make me feel
Cuz my heart races when I see you (how you make me feel)
When you walk in the room I can't help but smile (how you make me feel)
Cuz I have a habit of staring for a while (how you make me feel)
Just wanna let you know that's how you make me feel

Your smile is killing me
Cuz your being here just makes my day
Funny how it works that way
Now I'm so afraid that you'll go away

CH 2:
Just let me hug you and love you
My hands are cold and I need yours too
Just let me hold you and squeeze you
I need your warmth cuz I’m freezing

Your beauty exceeds any other
Nothing you do could make you less than another
Cuz I believe you and trust you
Yeah cuz I know what you say is true